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3 Ways to Increase Profits on Your e-Commerce Site

With the world going digital, the e-Commerce business has grown by 23% on a yearly basis. But there’s more to opening an online store than just displaying your products on a website. As an entrepreneur, you need to focus a chunk of your energy on marketing your business. Unless you have already established a large, loyal customer base, that draws traffic to your site, your online store won’t make sales. If you want to increase the number of sales that are made online, check out these three ways to increase profits on your e-Commerce site!

1) Drive paid traffic.

Once you’ve improved your on-page SEO with site optimization, you’ll want to drive paid traffic to your site. Paid traffic, while it sounds expensive at first, is a good starting point. If you build a successful PPC or display ad campaign, you will be able to receive more money than what you spent on advertising. Consider the best online casinos as your advertising service. You can send traffic to your site by setting up Facebook ads or buying display ads on popular websites within your market. Paid traffic is a great way to build a customer list and sell your products. Just make sure that you’re targeting the appropriate keywords and traffic sources!

2) Improve your sales funnel.

Ever wonder why businesses are so pressed to collect your e-mail after making a purchase, or sending an inquiry? Because e-mail marketing allows them to send you automated updates about their company – new sales, discounts, products, services, etc – in hopes that you’ll make a purchase. For you, the business owner, this means setting up landing pages, lead generation pop-ups, and offering lead magnets. When you create an effective sales funnel, you make it easy for people to buy your products. Something as simple as collecting an e-mail can be an effective call-to-action. A smoother sales funnel can help you increase your revenue quickly.

3) Offer products on multiple eCommerce sites.

It’s not enough to just sell products on your website. You can also benefit from major e-commerce sites like Amazon, and eBay, just by selling your products through their marketplace. When you sell on these major sites, you increase the number of eyes on your products, and the listing can be used as traffic sources to your site.  There’s no cap on how many e-Commerce sites you join – the more, the merrier. Just be mindful of any fees, of course. Test out a few, and see which works best for your company.

These three tips will surely aid you in your journey to running a successful e-Commerce business.

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