4 Gorgeous Australian Cities You Need to Visit

If you think that you can only see kangaroos, spiders, and the Sydney opera house when you go to Australia, then you must’ve been living under a rock for the past couple of decades. A ton of activity, a variety of climates, and gorgeous cities are merely the cream of what this beautiful country has to offer. Exciting hiking tours, glorious waterholes, and waterfalls are only a couple of things you can expect to experience in and around the cities that we’ve presented in this list.


Let’s start with the obvious choice – Sydney. Australia’s biggest city is definitely the most popular one, as well. Its cultural variety, vastness, and sights make it the real capital of Australia (apologies to Canberra). Sydney opera house, although gorgeous, is far from the only thing you can see here. A variety of luxurious hotels and beautiful sandy beaches make this city the central hub of Australia.

As a result of colonialism and Asian immigration, Sydney has a somewhat distinctive feel, which has resulted in cuisines of various cultural origins. Due to this variety, the city is considered to be cosmopolitan, connecting a variety of cultures like playing the best ca online casino.

Its periphery also has a lot to offer, so visiting this city is a must.


Bearing the famous evolutionary theorist’s name, this city is home to 16-feet-long crocodiles and 20-feet-tall ant hills. When it comes to experiencing nature, there are few cities that do a better job than Darwin, and even the urban areas have a charm of their own. The natural parks that surround the city are the main tourist attraction, offering you a chance to dive into the waterholes and waterfalls that are scattered throughout these parks. Just be careful not to exit the signposted croc-free zone.

Because it is very rich in terms of exotic foods, make sure you try all the seafood and tropical fruit you can find on the local markets throughout the area.


Near the Great Barrier Reef, Cairns is one of Australia’s most popular tourist hotspots. This provincial yet stylish city, located in the Northwest of Australia, has a population of around 150.000, which makes it a perfect and relatively quiet vacation spot. Make sure you visit Port Douglas on your way to the city and visit some great pet-friendly resorts before you go exploring. Some 100km north of Cairns, you can explore the Daintree Rainforest, Australia’s largest rainforest, hosting about 30% of Australia’s reptile, marsupial, and frog species, about 65% of its bat and butterfly species, and 20% of the country’s native bird species.


Melbourne is perhaps the best Australian city to visit, if you are into cultural heritage, in general. It is lined with trendy bars and is well known for its street art. What makes this city a cultural hotspot is a fact that it has tons of museums to offer – a sports museum, a film museum, a racing museum, a Jewish museum, and a variety of online players who play real money casino america

Melbourne also has a great music scene – you can find a cool gig wherever you go.

Lastly, this city is famous for its cafes, and should be the first thing that comes to mind when you hear ‘coffee’ and ‘Australia’.

Although there are many other cities that we could mention, in terms of attractions, we’ve chosen these 4 gems as the crown jewels of Australia. There is a lot of variety on this country-continent and once you visit it, you’ll definitely want to come back.

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