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7 Reasons for Taobao’s Success

As the Taobao is becoming the leading online shopping website all over the world there are more websites and companies that the Chinese are pulling through to make the world get into their knees.

The Taobao is a Consumer to Consumer retailer means that young entrepreneur can do small business and can get the experience of doing business. Consumers can connect with other customers and communicate with them to get a better experience in negotiating the stuff the customer wants to buy.

They have also successfully created their multi-language website as named Taobao English so they can go global and every person in the world can understand and use it for their better goods.

We will be focusing on the 7 reasons that make Taobao successful all over the world, so stay tuned and scroll down to know the secret of this online shopping website success.

1.Lower cost for sellers and buyers

Taobao is the leading online shopping website as they set their claws into the dirt they first encounter with the eBay.

As eBay was on the verge of success they wanted to set their claws into China but Alibaba owner Jack Ma didn’t want that to happen so for the competition he created Taobao.

Taobao works exactly like the eBay and Jack Ma push eBay back with this online shopping website.

These included free listings for the first two or three years for sellers and no additional charges were added in both seller and buyer’s transaction.

This heightened the seller’s interest to create stores on Taobao as the buyers were also encouraged to buy because of the array of goods.

  1. User-Friendly website features

Taobao introduced a variety of features to entertain their users so the users get more attracted and want to work for their better goods.

As Taobao was increasing they introduced an instant messaging tool so the seller and buyer can have a great communication experience and with that, they introduced a payment tool as well for fast and secure payment transactions.

3.Diversification of marketing models

In April 2008, Taobao was on the verge of success as they were retailing consumer to consumer, they developed another website name Taobao Mall for Buyer to Consumer retailing and for the better experience door sellers and buyers.

As it grows Taobao was referred to as the destination of goods all over China.

4.Powerful promotional efforts

Taobao made some strategical alliance with the media first as they were growing bigger and bigger, they wanted to make their website is known all over China and the other regions in the great China wall.

They shook hands with the Chinese internet portals such as 21 CN, Sohu and MSN so increase the advertisement. They also advertise the website in movies and commercials that came between TV shows.

5.Corporate cooperation with banks

Taobao wanted their user to trust in the online shopping website for that they pursued in the economics corporation with some major banks of China to secure their transaction from spam.

  1. Unique Business model

Taobao created a unique business model so no other online shopping website can reach their limit and the second reason was to attract users.

7.Sensitivity to business opportunities

Taobao wanted to make loyal customers for their so the customer does not leave at any cost. They offered the customers a comfortable environment and positive online customer experience.

They even design their website in such a way that the user will be attracted by the design and will get more motivated to buy the products.

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