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A Postcard Carol: 5 Simple Steps for an Effective Christmas Postcard Campaign

As far as marketing is concerned, it is a universal fact that any holiday calls for campaigns. And if you want to create a marketing campaign this Christmas, the postcards are exactly what you should go for. Custom postcards allow you to reach your targeted audience in less time. Add an attractive offer that has a high chance of turning them into customers. And you are set to go “laughing all the way.”

Postcard printing lets you choose from a variety of styles, shapes, and sizes. This allows you to customize your postcards based on your intent and the season of marketing. Incorporating attractive discounts and offers will certainly pull a lot of attention as people will already be looking to make purchases. However, postcards will not be of much use if you are not able to carry out an effective marketing campaign.

Here are 5 steps which will help you carry out an effective postcard marketing campaign:

  1. A strong mailing list: This is perhaps one of the fundamental ways of having an effective online printing campaign. The better idea you have about your target audience, the better will be your marketing. Determine what is common between your regular and seldom customers and target your demographics accordingly.
  2. Call-to-Action: A great way to make your customers act is to add an attractive CTA like a discount or offer. A great to make your service or products worth opting for is by using attractive fonts. Bold headlines, a list of benefits and a call to action will definitely help you make your customers make a purchase as soon as they can.

Opting for postcard printing online lets you add a variety of colours, fonts, and finishes suited to your brand and those that will help you garner higher sales.

  1. Design: Without a good design, you will be unable to engage your audience effectively. Designing incorporates graphics, coupons, photos and other visual elements that motivate your customers to take action. At the same time, they give shape to your brand. To put it in a more succinct manner, a good postcard design will add to the trust that your customers have in you. Also give your postcards a quality finish, for example, thick paper stock along with gloss or matte finish based on the nature of your company and the season of marketing.

Various agencies of postcard printing California have attractive design templates for your postcards. Or you can also upload your own design in PDF format.

  1. Mailing: Mailing can be done in two ways. One is you can contact an online printing agency to do the mailing for you. Or you can do the mailing in your neighbourhood by yourself or hire a guy who will do it for you with a minimal charge.

Many services of online printing California offer Every-Door-Direct-mail (EDDM) campaigns that allow you to mail your postcards from door to door according to your provided zip-codes. This service is very effective both in terms of reaching out to each and every household and as well as due to its affordable cost.

  1. Track your performance: An effective postcard marketing campaign should always be followed by a tracking system that allows you to know how well the campaign has worked and helps you evaluate your Return-On-Investment. Accordingly, you can make your own changes next time if need be for an even higher ROI. Coupon codes and URLs are effective ways to track your postcards.

Keeping the 5 above-mentioned steps in mind will help in not only reaching out to your targeted audience in an effective manner but also in increasing the chances of higher sales and revenue. This Christmas, it’s jingle all the way with postcard printing.

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