Automated Manifest Systems

If you want to know what the automated manifest system is, it is basically an electronic information transmission system that is operated by CBP, or the US Customs and Border Protection. Basically, there is a filing that is required with AMS, or automated manifest system, Whenever there is a shipment into the United States that comes through the ocean or air. The filing will include detailed information about the cargo, and it is done as some sort of a security measure.

The automated manifest system is typically going to be used for electronic air manifest. However, it is also used as an umbrella term that refers to any type of electronic information transmission. If there is a rail, sea, or truck manifest that is electronic, the term ACE, or automated commercial environment, is used to refer to this particular type of transmission.

For every BOL/AWB, there will be an automatic manifest system fee that is charged. The fee will typically have to be covered by either the supplier or the client when applicable.

The AMS system is a very important part of the efforts of the United States to crack down on any potential security threats that may exist. The system was put into place in 2004, and it has been a big part of streamlining marine inventorying. This is also a freight tracking system that applies to different types of cargo other than Marine cargo. It requires that every ship that enters or passes through the United States waters provide details about the cargo contents that are aboard. Basically, the AMS needs to be uploaded with require details even before a certain ship comes into any particular American port. The AMS system is directly connected to the US Customs Department, so the transmission of the information is done immediately.

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