Continuing Education in Pump Systems and Repair

The pump systems used in your business don’t run themselves all the time. They require maintenance and sometimes repair. When something happens to damage your pump, your onsite engineer can typically fix it. They learn the intricacies of pumps by attending training.

Thompson Pump offers three different lengths of training courses. Your engineers and technicians can attend a lunch learning course that lets them digest the information while they eat. This introductory session introduces major topics and provides information highlights. They can attend a one-day seminar held annually at Daytona State College for which they earn continuing education credits. The third option is a three-day workshop that covers engineering topics in-depth as well as information for sales professionals. Upon successfully completing a comprehensive exam, a student receives a certificate in pumpology.

The one- and three-day sessions cover in-depth topics, including:

  • Calculating Total Dynamic Head,
  • Principles of Pumping,
  • Reading Pump Curves,
  • Pump Sound Attenuation,
  • Permanent Lift Station Backup Pump Systems,
  • Pump Failure Analysis and Troubleshooting.

The three-day session also covers information sales professionals need, such as how to select the right pumping equipment for the job.

When you need to make repairs, you also need parts. Thompson Pump serves as your source for those, too. Just stop by our website to order using the serial number of the part needed. We’ll ship it right out to you.

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