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How do you make sure you have a happy team

Employee retention – tips to help you

Employee performance and well-being are interdependent – happy employees are more productive, involved, and proactive. A Gallup study positions this concept of well-being from 5 angles – it is essential for each employee to have a purpose, to feel supported by others, to be financially independent, to belong to a community, and to be physically healthy. You want all this for your team, right? This combination of 5 factors, if they are on a positive trend, ensures their daily motivation.

Here are some tips on how you can get involved in the well-being of your employees.

1. Pleasant working environment

The attitude of the employer towards the welfare of the employees is essential. Open discussions are a good starting point in influencing those in your team to raise awareness of the five directions of well-being.

A pleasant, open work environment is the perfect setting for developing your employees.

2. Your support is important

Give your employees tips for well-being opportunities and activities that are in line with the five directions noted above. Help them find their purpose so that they are motivated every day. Make sure the financial aspects cover his needs so that the salary is not a stress factor for him.

Choose to provide him with medical benefits so that he is healthy and has the energy to deal with everyday situations. Give him moral support when he needs so that he can feel in his environment when he is in the office.

3. Remember that you are a role model for your employees

Your attitude towards well-being and the actions you develop in this regard will encourage or discourage the team from taking an attitude towards this endeavor. You are a role model for your employees, and your example will influence how they relate. Make sure you inspire them and get involved with them.

4. Care for employees

The message that has to reach your employees, both verbally and non-verbally, is that well-being initiatives are meant to improve their lives. As a bonus, their productivity in the office will increase as well as the quality of life. Communicate openly with them, show your interest in the personal development of each one, the proactive attitude on health, which will keep them happy and efficient.

Remember that employees are the most valuable resource you have, and you play a central role in their personal and professional lives. Thus, their well-being lies in your hands within the framework you make available.

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