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How to Do Keyword Research for Businesses

A large number of people do not have an exact idea as to how to do keyword research for SEO. Here is the short guide for you; you can have a look at it.

This principle has become the vital part of larger marketing strategy.

Make sure to research the keywords on the basis of their popularity as well as search volume and also general intent.

Now, you can check out the process regarding how to do keyword research:

Making a List of Relevant Keywords

First of all, you have to make a list of all possible and relevant keywords for your business website.

Think of the keywords you have to add into your site content. Choose those keywords which are used frequently and searched about!

Most importantly, keywords like that of inbound marketing, lead generation, SEO, email marketing and also marketing automation and marketing analytics- they are quite popular and frequently used by the SEO professional bloggers.

Make Use of Research Related Search Terms Only

While you plan to do keyword research, you have to keep in mind that you only add research related search terms only.

It is in the related search Google section that you can easily take an idea regarding which of the keywords are stronger and often used.

In addition, your keywords and the rest of the website content should be strongly linked with each other.

If your website is strictly about food, then add keywords like health, nutrition, lifestyle, how-to guides, tips, etc.

Go for Long Tail Keywords or a Combination of Both Short & Long Tail Keywords

Besides, you can either go for long-tail keywords or you are free to pursue the combination of short and long-tail keywords. Short tail keywords are also termed as head terms.

They usually and generally comprise of one to three words. On the other hand, long-tail keywords have the length of three or more words.

If you have got a mix of long tail keywords and also head terms, then that is great and amazing.

Besides, head terms searching frequency is greater and higher as compared to the long tail terms.

Hence, use this strategy and increase your search volume potential. Going for such a combination will enhance your site traffic potential too.

Analyze Which Keywords are Used by Your Competitors

The next important thing which you have to consider is to look into the area in which keywords are specifically used by your competitors.

But it does not mean that the keywords used by your competitors should also be used by you.

You only have to keep a close and keen eye on their keyword usage area. By doing so, you can do a better evaluation of your keywords.

Furthermore, this principle gives you a great sense regarding which keywords are performing well and which ones are not.

This analysis gives you an ideal understanding with respect to the balance of terms and balance of keywords usage.

Do Utilize Google Adwords Keyword Planner

The last scheme which you have to apply is to make use of Google Adwords keyword planner. This planner may give you the right and ideal mix of keywords.

Most noteworthy, it narrows down and shortlist your extensive keyword list. This is one of the favorite methodologies which is used by a large number of SEO professionals.

By using the keyword planner, you get an idea and estimate your search volume as well as traffic estimates.

You learn about the Google trends. Hence, this tool lets you maintain a healthy mix and a combination of keywords.


So, what’s the bottom line?

One should know that keyword research is all about looking for and analyzing the actual search terms for your website content. A proper research can make or break your website.

Your niche and search engines are only going to praise your website until and unless you will do the proper and correct keyword research.

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