Instagram Lite, 2MB app for Android

Light version has main Instagram features, but is lighter and consumes less data than the conventional app.

Instagram Lite, the lightest version of the social network photo app, finally arrives in Brazil. With comings and goings, the exclusive alternative on Android has been offered since 2018 and gained a new version in December 2020. In March 2021, it was released to 170 countries and, as of Wednesday (14), it can be downloaded in the Play Store, that’s where you can also download online trading platforms.

With Instagram Lite, you can access the service with a lighter app that uses less data. The application weighs 2 MB – the standard version is about 30 MB. According to the social network, the new version has improved speed, performance, and responsiveness to help those who do not have a stable connection or simply want to save on data franchise.

The lightest application offers the main features of the social network, such as taking photos and recording videos to be published in Stories, feed, and IGTV. It also allows you to send and receive direct messages. However, to reduce the size of the app, it is necessary to remove some features.

These include live streams, Instagram Shopping, and full IGTV videos – the Lite version only offers video previews and many forex brokers in South Africa have also started using it. In addition, Instagram Lite only allows you to watch Reels videos. The option to create short videos is not yet available and may be released in the coming months.

Instagram explains how it created a lighter version

Instagram says that, in order to create the lightweight version, it adopted a “thin client” architecture, in which much of the processing takes place on the server-side, not the client-side. The social network also used tools to better understand the impact of code changes on the size of the application, such as a bot that creates a version after each change and compares it with the previous one.

Still, according to Instagram, the development considered the specifications of cell phones used to access its service. The social network claims that more than half of users worldwide including Canada day trading platforms use devices that would be considered cutting edge in 2012. The company also took into account limitations on network access and data consumption.

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