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Launching an App like Uber for differently-abled: Crucial aspects tolook into this business

Accessibility of taxis is not a luxury but a necessity that should be availed even by the differently-abled people without any hassles. They should be able to commute from one place to another to get their work done. But several taxis that offer ride-hailing services are not wheelchair accessible and are not suitable for access by people with hearing or visual impairment. It creates discrimination, and taxi businesses should work towards eliminating it.

If you are looking to build a ride-hailing app that can be accessed by differently-abled persons, then read on to understand the ways to fulfill their unique needs.

Using voice assistants to book rides

Integrate voice assistance feature into your app, so visually impaired persons can book your Uber for disabled taxis without any trouble. Also, people with difficulty in hand movements or other such disabilities can make use of this feature to book taxis with comfort.

Taking care of their special requests

Every differently-abled person has unique needs that are to be fulfilled to create a memorable ride experience for them. For instance, people who use wheelchairs might need a wheelchair-accessible taxi. An arrangement of the ramp and enough space for their wheelchair to fit comfortably in the cab is their unique needs.

Some might need trained personnel to cater to their needs. Some people might need cushions or other small things to travel with convenience. Thus, integrate a feature into the app that records the requests of the disabled persons when they book your taxi.

Offer them rides at reduced costs.

Often people with disabilities are not financially stable and are aided by the government. Also, many of them do not have a high-paying job. So, offering them rides at reduced costs helps them travel from one place to another with ease. Also, provide them with discounts from time to time, encouraging them to be independent to take care of the commutation.

An added security to make them feel safe

Security is an important aspect that is often taken into consideration by people while booking taxis, let alone persons with disabilities. Add a feature of SOS contacts in your ride-sharing app that can be availed by the differently-abled in case of emergencies.

Also, attend to their issues as soon as possible and heed to their grievances. It instills a sense of safety in them, making your app their first preference for booking taxis for their upcoming trips.

Feature to save destinations

Often, differently-abled people will travel from home to the workplace or doctor on a regular basis. Entering the drop location every time might be a burden for them, especially when they travel without the assistance of others. So, help them save the destinations that they visit often. So, they can book the taxis with just a few taps on their smartphones.

Integrating multiple options for payment

Integration of multiple payment gateways on the app helps everyone, especially the differently-abled, to travel without fear of theft. It helps them to avoid carrying more amounts of cash handy. Hence, allow them to pay through the payment mode of their preference.


When you plan to develop a taxi booking app that can make the commutation of differently-abled easy, consider the points mentioned above. It will offer comfort to the lives of thousands of people with disabilities.

You might think that the development of a ride-hailing app might be challenging, along with considering all the above factors. It is not the case when you opt for the Uber clone app . The scripts of these Uber clones are 100% customizable, thus making it easy for you to personalize the app as per your business structure. Also, these Uber clone apps are highly scalable, giving you the advantage of changing their features as and when required.

Several app development companies offer these Uber clone apps along with customization solutions. You can get in touch with the company of your choice and discuss your business structure with them. They will also schedule a live demo to help you understand the way they function. If you are satisfied with the way they work and their development costs meet your budget, you can hand them the task of developing your app that makes the lives of differently-abled comfortable.

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