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The secrets to setting standards in business

Setting high standards is imperative in business. From the quality of goods or services you provide to the way your workers conduct themselves, to the appeal of your marketing material, you can’t afford to settle for second best. But how exactly should you go about setting standards for your organization? In this blog, we take a look at some expert tips offered during a skills-sharing event hosted by that gave entrepreneurs and business owners the chance to swap strategies and promote best practices.

Ask yourself what your company stands for

Addressing a breakout session at the meeting, Simon Murphy, a successful entrepreneur in the Appco Group network, stated that in business you have to continually ask yourself what you stand for and you must ensure that other people know what your standards are. According to the businessman, doing this will help you to create a company culture that enables you to attract like-minded people.

So, if you don’t have a clearly defined concept of the purpose and ethos of your business, it’s well worth spending time nailing this down.

Challenge yourself to be good enough to work with the best

Offering advice on recruitment, Mr. Murphy said you shouldn’t just think of this process as being about trying to find the people you want for your company; instead, you should take the opportunity to challenge your business to be good enough to work with the best personnel.
This aspirational approach could give you a sharper focus on maintaining and improving standards within your organization. It could also increase your chances of collaborating with the most talented individuals within your industry.

Ensure everyone in your team is an effective ambassador

Another of those to speak at the Appco-hosted event was Formula 1 expert Mike Gallagher. He drew attention to the importance of making sure everyone associated with your company is an effective ambassador for it. To achieve this, he said it is important to talk about your standards on an ongoing basis and to create something that people believe in and really want to be part of.

Providing an example of how things can go wrong, he recalled an incident when a truck driver accidentally told one of his team’s major sponsors that the management was in disarray. Incidents like this emphasize the need for everyone, from managers to contractors, to adopt the standards you set for your company.

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