What Is a Political Text Message? A Short Guide

Marketing for a political campaign is not a new idea.

In 2020, it was highlighted that many voters prefer short and sweet messages which were sent to their phones, rather than watching political messages on TV or reading emails. So, in 2022, if you are looking to run for office, you have the best chance of winning by creating a short and sweet political slogan, and then using digital technology and marketing to reach your potential voters, usually via text message.

You may also be surprised at how effective this method is.

What Is a Political Text Message?

A political text message is just that; a text message with a political message from a party that is sent to people who have opted in to receive messages from political campaigns.

They are also great ways for campaigns to attract volunteers, reminders about postal voting, and even offer a way for people to donate to the campaign itself. If you aren’t sure where to begin with sending a political text message, there are political text examples online that you can choose from, as well as guidelines on how to make your political text message more successful at winning you votes.

How to Create an SMS Political Campaign

When you are looking to design a political campaign based on SMS messaging, there are a few key features that need to be explored.


This is very much a part of marketing, but it is also a great opportunity for you to link a phrase to your campaign.

For instance, in 2016, the Republicans used the phrase ‘Make America Great Again’ which, when turned into a way for potential Republican voters to opt into text messaging, was shortened to MAGA. However, you will also need to link a short code phone number to your keyword, so you could use a phrase like ‘VOTE 765.’


What are shortcodes? After you have decided on your keyword of choice, you will need to get a short code.

A shortcode is a short phone number, which is usually 5 or 6 digits long, which will enable your campaign to communicate with voters via SMS. Shortcodes can be obtained by contacting the US Short Code Administration and will usually allow you to choose the shortcode yourself. Many parties choose shortcodes linked to the year of the election, so your keyword and short code may be ‘VOTE BLUE 2022.’

SMS Platform

When you are running a political campaign, you do not want to be sending millions of text messages via a single phone. Instead, you will need to sign up for an SMS platform to help you. Aim to choose a platform that has experience in political text messages and can provide a service at a cost you can afford.

These SMS platforms may also be able to access shortcodes targeted to your campaign as well, which can make them a valuable resource and partner to have on hand during your campaign.

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