A complete guide to creating a portfolio for remote work

Creating a portfolio to work remotely will be the first step you should take if you want to work from home or travel the world as a digital nomad. Through your portfolio, you will be able to show your work or projects carried out with the aim that they can know your work and what you really know how to do.

If you really want to put aside the traditional work and start living the freelance or remote employment modality, the first step is to adjust all your professional presentation documents, including, of course, the portfolio. Therefore, below you will find a complete guide to create an ideal portfolio to work remotely.

Although your resume and cover letter will continue to play a very important role when looking for remote work, and even as a freelance, most likely, especially in some sectors like top online casinos, is that you need to show a little more of your work and the skills that you have before you have a definitive answer about whether or not you have obtained the remote employment that you want so much.
How to impress a potential client or employer remotely with your portfolio? Discover all the secrets in depth.

What elements should be highlighted in a portfolio to work remotely?

Although there are not too many differences between a portfolio that you would present to apply to a traditional job and the portfolio for remote work, there are some variations that are important to take into account to add value to your portfolio when working in this modality.

Description of the projects

Contextualize the projects that appear in your portfolio, delving into details that may be of interest about the process, objective, collaboration with other team members, and even, in this case, the modality in which it was developed (remote or face-to-face), is important to support your best examples of work.

Customization according to the project, the position, and the company

As you would with your resume or cover letter, you should personalize the portfolio by adjusting the details for the position you are applying for. A small detail-oriented job offer can totally change the perception of your portfolio.

Contact details and website

You never know if the person who is viewing your portfolio, for example, on a platform to show your work on the internet, intends to contact you by presenting an opportunity, so you always have to include the contact information (email and mobile number), and of course, add links to other spaces where they can find your work or know your personal brand and can check what you expose in your documents.

Remember that in remote work, online communication channels must always be up to date as bestusacasinosites online casino.

Steps to create a portfolio to work remotely

Now is the time to get down to business!
Now we are going to start creating your portfolio by giving it that personal and professional “touch” that will project an original image to the public that pays attention to it, letting your work speak for itself. To do this, follow the steps below.

Create your own slogan

You have to see your portfolio as the main presentation book of your personal brand, and as in any brand, a slogan is a way that others remember you.

If you have a short, catchy phrase that allows you to describe your work or even your role as a professional, feel free to use it to emphasize your candidacy, and above all, to show that you have a built and solid professional voice and presence.

You must bear in mind that showing your portfolio is basically doing self-promotion of your work, therefore, it must be managed as what it really is, you have to sell it well.

Use an appropriate and accurate professional title

There are more and more specialties within a profession, in addition to the levels and categories within them, therefore, you must create your portfolio and establish the correct title for your profession, making clear your capabilities and limits from the first approach.

Employers and potential clients are more likely to draw their attention to your work once they know how you professionally define yourself in all your communication channels. In this way, they will verify that it exactly fits the profile they are requesting.

For example, if they are looking for a UX Designer, do not present yourself as a Graphic Designer, unless the vacancy expresses it directly.

Create a portfolio for bilingual remote work

The command of the English language will broaden horizons when it comes to accessing a greater number of job opportunities around the world. Many companies work remotely and are hiring all over the world, therefore, if your portfolio has a version translated into English or other languages ​​that you have learned, you have more than one point in favor to maximize your chances of attracting interested parties. hire your services, do not hesitate to use them!

Make a brief, but attractive, description of why you are the ideal profile

The remote and freelance employment sector, although there are a large number of job opportunities in different parts of the world, is still highly competitive. Everyone is fighting to have the honor of being the right professional, so your efforts to stand out from the rest should multiply at this point.

A good portfolio presents a description where, briefly, you share how you identify yourself as a person and professional, in addition to establishing before others the central qualities that will help you take charge of a project or professional role without inconvenience, and of course, from the distance.

The originality is key in presenting your profile in the portfolio, because the more reflexive personality in voice and tone you use to go to the coach or potential customer, the greater the opportunities to get their attention and not being ruled out of the process quickly.

Mention the remote work tools you master

When working remotely you will feel independence and autonomy concerning the organization of your work and how you follow the processes; However, to fulfill everything to the letter, you must have technical skills and mastery of tools that facilitate this possibility, you must also mention it to employers or potential clients.

Without having to extend yourself too much, you can prioritize the mention of those remote work tools that you master with ease.

Highlight your best experiences, as long as they are adjustable to the job or project

One of the most important aspects of a portfolio to work remotely is customization according to the needs expressed by your client or potential employer, therefore, you will have the opportunity to highlight your most relevant work to show that you have the capabilities. to meet all conditions and requirements.

This is an opportunity that traditional jobs often do not enjoy; However, now that you are about to apply to a remote company or freelance project, you may want to consider it more closely, as your potential clients and employers will not judge you for not being able to cover a certain set of professional skills if they have not been specifically requested. for the position.

Feel free and secure to expose those work areas or projects where you can make the most of your talent, even from a distance and without the need for bosses supervising over your shoulder, since autonomy will be your best companion.

Conclusions on how to create a portfolio to work remotely

The effort to create from scratch or adjust your portfolio to the conditions of remote or freelance employment is a guarantee that your work will be communicated through the best means of professional presentation for those who work in sectors where they can prove their skills and qualifications using direct examples, it is an opportunity to add value to your application.

Also, once ready, remember that your portfolio is not static, but evolves as your work does too. Don’t miss the chance to professionally reinvent yourself and update the projects it includes to show those that communicate how your professional qualities improve over time as you build more experiences as a freelance or remote worker.

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